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About Woo Living HK / Woo Living Hong Kong


There are a lot of happenings out there in this beautiful world. We should stay curious, keep wooing the timeless beauty and always searching for better things in life. 


We collect quality home accessories, kitchenwares, stationeries from designers and brands all over the world, including Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Sweden...etc., all are brought to Hong Kong by Woo, who are passionate and working hard to embellish our life. It is a place for ideas on decorating your home and selecting gifts for your love ones. Hopefully Woo can bring the nordic way of living to Hong Kong and provide more choices for home accessories and gifts.


Contemporary / Nordic / Lifestyle


For Information or enquiries, please email us at





Woo 正正有追求的意思,環抱與生俱來的好奇心,帶你探索生活美學,豐富知性品味。


本店蒐集北歐,以至全球的設計師傑作,當中不乏以人為本的家居用品、廚具、文具、護理好物等等,我們把來自丹麥、芬蘭、瑞典、荷蘭等地的品牌都帶來了香港。無論想將美學觸覺融入家居,抑或為摯愛挑選一份心意禮物,Woo 讓你隨心追求,發掘精彩。希望本店能把北歐的生活美學帶來香港,提供更多選擇。




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